Quotes # 76

One has become entrenched in kusang (association that takes one away from the Self; bad company). That is why the disease of worldly life has become chronic. And what if one were to become entrenched in satsang?

कुसंग का अध्यास हो गया है। इसलिए संसार-रोग ‘क्रॉनिक’ हो गया है! यदि सत्संग का अध्यास हो जाए तो!

કુસંગનો અધ્યાસ થઈ ગયો છે. તેથી સંસાર રોગ ‘ક્રોનિક’ થઈ ગયો છે ! અને સત્સંગનો અધ્યાસ થાય તો ?

~ Dada Bhagwan

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  1. Satsang ka abhyaas ho jaye toh duniya walo ki zindagi safal ho jaye…

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    1. सही बोला आपने ….बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया


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